Luterma chairs, twenties of the last century

The best of Estonian furniture in 1877-1940. These chairs were made to be exported to France, where Luther Factory had an agency.

Small sofa table from the 19th centuryThe main activity of JK Restore Ltd is restoration of the so- called antique furniture. The manufacturing time of the furniture restored by the company generally falls between the mid -19th century and the fifties of the 20th century. In restoration we proceed from the principle that, depending on the object manufacturing time and the furniture style prevailing at that time, we use the restoration techniques and materials that were applied in the corresponding period. The appearance of the antique furniture after restoration leaves the impression that this is a well- preserved old thing. We are seeking to be flexible to the client`s wishes, because sometimes there come up the needs to make change to the external dimensions or finishing according to the customer`s request.
Chair made at the Luther factory, 20iesIn the year 2010 we plan to commission the larger production facilities, as well as to involve the upholstery work into the range of our activity and to start making copies of furniture items according to the original.


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